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About Website Design

Site Genius is a full service website development company focused on building result-focused websites for startups and mid-size companies from across Canada and the United States.

With 10 years experience in the website business, we have built over 500 websites for our valued clients across dozens of business verticals. Over the years we have learned a few things about building websites that allow our clients to achieve their business objectives. We pride ourselves with our proven process that revolves around client collaboration, continuous innovation in design, and an efficient production cycle.

We are passionate about leveraging the latest trends in website development to make our clients look great while acquiring ongoing leads and customers from their web presence. If you want a website that will help your business look great and grow, we should definitely talk!


What We Know

We Know Performance-
Focused Website Design

We build websites that make a difference to our clients business. Some of our websites are designed to looked cutting edge. Some of our websites are designed to generate leads. Some of our websites are designed to drive eCommerce sales. Bottom line, we know how to build websites that perform to meet our clients business objectives.

The websites we have built over the years have generated tens of thousands of actions. From phone calls; to web form submits; to eCommerce transactions, we know what it takes to get a website to convert.

You can’t deny that most customers can be found online today. If you own a business, you need to be online too. Not only do you need to be online, you need to be acquiring customers from your online presence. The foundation of this is represented by websites that has been custom designed to represent your business and turn site visitors into leads and customers. We know how to do this very well.

Our Commitment

We are Committed to Your Success

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their website objectives. We are committed to building much more than just a website. We are committed to helping our clients grow their business directly through impact of the websites we build from them.

We want our clients business to grow. We aren’t here to grab a few cheques and then leave you hanging without your business growing. There are far too many web development companies out there that play the cash grab game already. We are not one of them. We wholeheartedly want to see our clients yield a return on their website investment 100 times over for many years to come.

So How Can We Help You?

Here's 7 Reasons to Choose Us as Your
Corporate Website Design Company

Custom Websites that Drive Leads & Customers

There are 100′s of custom web design companies in the market today. Some of these companies design useless websites, while others design sites to win awards. At Site Genius, we design websites to help our clients present as a viable product/service provider while driving inbound leads and customers. We also ensure our clients sites are 100% search engine friendly and mobile compatible.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

With smart phone usage on the rise, there is no doubt you need a website that is responsive & mobile friendly. Every website designed by Site Genius is integrated with a responsive framework that will ensure your site visitors get an amazing user experience while on their mobile device.

100% Search Engine Friendly Site Structure

If you are in the market for a website that will get found by Google and drive inbound leads and customers, then our custom web design service is an excellent fit for your business objectives. Our websites are designed to get indexed quickly in Google and help you establish and grow your organic rankings for the long-term.

Smart Feature that will Last for Years to Come

The websites we build are packed with the latest features and technology in website development. We implement all the best practices required to turn a website into a lead generation and customer acquisition tool. Most importantly our websites help our customers establish themselves as a viable product or service provider in their space.

Fast and Reliable Servers

Our servers are based in North America and they provide the best user experience possible. With 99% up-time and full technical support via phone and email, you can rest assured that your website is in a safe place.

Easy Design & Website Update

Our website design team is available to make updates to your website at your request. Simply give us a call or send us an email and we’ll make the changes quickly.

Superior Customer Service

We understand the importance of knowing your investment is in good hands. This is why we offer exceptional customer service. Call us anytime about your account. We’re here to help.


Let's Work Together to Bring Your Website to Life